Shaolin Gym White Crane Jow-Gar Kung-Fu
Shaolin GymWhite Crane Jow-Gar Kung-Fu


Students Advance onto  Chinese Weapons,

to Carry  on The  Shaolin Traditions.




Father and Son, Share  The  Same Interest

For  Health, Self-Defence, and Disciplin. 



Shaolin Gym.

The New  Year is Here, Have you made your new years resolution, To get Fit, Loose Weight,

To  Learn  something  New, And  Help to Build Motivation , Positive Thinking in everthing  you  do..well, Why not Train  the Traditional Way, In this Ancient Chinese Martial  Art Called


Conveniently located in the heart of Ashford Surrey middlesex, Shaolin Kung-Fu Gymnasium provides the latest in martial  arts  fitness  combined  with  ancient traditions that have  been passed  down  from  master  to  student  for  over  a thousand  years.. Master  Bob  Stannells  is  a  leading european  expert,  with  over forty  years experience Teaching White Crane Jow-Gar Kung-Fu. Sifu Bob Started  his Training in Londons Chinatown, Before Venturing to  Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and  China, Training with  some of  the  worlds top kung-fu masters.  

Sifu  Bob  takes  each  class  personally  to  overlook  each  students  progress  in this unique  martial  art  called  KUNG-FU....

Beginners  are  always  welcome...But Come  Along  And Speak  to  The  Other Students  And  See  Why  They  Like  It  So  Much. Because, This  is  where  it  starts.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Martial  Artist.  Our  Qualified  Black Sash Instructors  are  here  to  help  YOU ..  to  Attain all aspects  of  your Kung-Fu training.

Each instructor  has  over  eight  years Experience  Training  in  Kung-Fu. So, Come Along  and  be  the  best  you  can  be........

Learn  this  ancient  martial  art  called  KUNG-FU  and  Develop  Mind,Body,Spirit which  helps  the  student  to  Attain  Health,Confidence,Motivation,Stress Relief and Self-Defence , Plus...Learning  something  about  a  Ancient  Culture,  much Different from  our  own....

                                 SO,  WHAT  ARE  YOU  WAITING  FOR.  

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Shaolin Gym 


Kingston Road,Ashford Surrey middlesex.

TW18 1DR

opposite. Mathew Arnold School. 

MONDAYS,  7 pm  to  8 pm.

Shaolin Gym


Stanwell Road Ashford Surrey Middlesex.

TW15 3QL.

WEDNESDAYS. 7pm  to  8.30pm.

Flying  Crane  Tai-Chi & Qi Gong Breathing Exercises.

Beginners  Class.

Starting in the New Year.

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Kingston Road Ashford Surrey Middlesex.

Closed Bank Holidays....

Contact us directly:


 Sifu  Bob.  07966 172544.



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