Shaolin Gym White Crane Jow-Gar Kung-Fu
Shaolin GymWhite Crane Jow-Gar Kung-Fu


Students Advance onto  Chinese Weapons,

to Carry  on The  Shaolin Traditions.




Father and Son, Share  The  Same Interest

For  Health, Self-Defence, and Discipline. 



Shaolin Gym.

The New  Year is Here, Have you made your new years resolution, To get Fit, Loose Weight,

To  Learn  something  New, And  Help to Build Motivation , Positive Thinking in everthing  you  do..well, Why not Train  the Traditional Way, In this Ancient Chinese Martial  Art Called


Conveniently located in the heart of Ashford Surrey middlesex, Shaolin Kung-Fu Gymnasium provides the latest in martial  arts  fitness  combined  with  ancient traditions that have  been passed  down  from  master  to  student  for  over  a thousand  years.. Sifu Bob  Stannells  is  a  leading european  expert,  with  over forty  years experience Teaching White Crane Jow-Gar Kung-Fu. Sifu Bob Started  his Training in Londons Chinatown, Before Venturing to  Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and  China, Training with  some of  the  worlds top kung-fu masters.  

Sifu  Bob  takes  each  class  personally  to  overlook  each  students  progress  in this unique  martial  art  called  KUNG-FU....

Beginners  are  always  welcome...But Come  Along  And Speak  to  The  Other Students  And  See  Why  They  Like  It  So  Much. Because, This  is  where  it  starts.

Instructors  are  here  to  help  YOU ..  to  Attain all aspects  of  your Kung-Fu training.

Each instructor  has  over  eight  years Experience  Training  in  Kung-Fu. So, Come Along and  be  the  best  you  can  be........

Learn  this  ancient  martial  art  called  KUNG-FU  and  Develop  Mind,Body,Spirit which helps Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Martial  Artist.  Our  Qualified  Black Sash   the  student  to  Attain  Health,Confidence,Motivation,Stress Relief and Self-Defence , Plus...Learning  something  about  a  Ancient  Culture,  much Different from  our  own....

                                 SO,  WHAT  ARE  YOU  WAITING  FOR.  



Shaolin Gym 


Kingston Road,Ashford Surrey middlesex.

TW18 1DR

opposite. Mathew Arnold School. 

MONDAYS,  7 pm  to  8 pm.


Shaolin Gym


Stanwell Road Ashford Surrey Middlesex.

TW15 3QL.

WEDNESDAYS. 7pm  to  8.30pm.

 Tel. Sifu Bob  07966 172544


Shaolin  Gym.

 Sifu Kam Chana.

 Botwell Green Sports  and  Leisure  Centre.

 East  Avenue. Hayes UB3 2HW. 

 Tues.  7pm  to  8.30 pm 

 Tel.07960 726164

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