White Crane  Jow-Gar Kung-Fu  is  a Traditional chinese Martial  Art, and is ideal for all ages.

 we take pride in Passing on these Traditional Values  that fits in with todays modern Ways, 

 Within the Shaolin Gyms, We have a Mixed Class of Male and Female,  Young and  Old.. But each student is skillfully brought up to   Advanced Levels using Traditional Methods, so the Class is always Motivated towards Improvement.    Small Classes Only.........

 Kung-Fu  is not a Quick Fix Martial Art,  So, If your thinking of Taking on the world,.. Forget  it..

 At  the Shaolin Gyms, We are a Family that takes an interest in each Individuals needs.

 The importance of Learning Kung-Fu, is to combine fitness and self-defence to help discipline and strengthen oneself to go onto  greater things in ones Life. 

 We are everyday individuals, not Shaolin Monks, Who take an interest in a Culture much Different from our own.


Sifu  Bob  and the Instructors of the Shaolin Gyms uphold the Policey  for saftey for all students training,  In the way of Licence and Insurance, which are provided through the Shaolin Gym  and The B.C.C.M.A. 

Private Tuition is Available to all students that wish to Advance in their Kung-Fu Training.

 Ages  start  from  11 years of age,  And  your  never  too  old  to  Learn...

 You  Do  not  Have  to  be  Physically  Fit  to  Join, As  you  will  Develop  this Within  the   Shaolin Gyms,  in  a  Motivated  Enviroment,   And,...This is not  one of those schools of Hard Knocks,  

Beginners Always Welcome .  




 Uniform is Supplied Through the  Shaolin Gym.

 Shaolin Gym Policey..No Student can Train at this Gym, Unless they have a B.C.C.M.A LICENCE.

 SHAOLIN GYM LICENCE & B.C.C.M.A, Accident / Liability.

 Licence Supplied Through the Shaolin Gym.

 MEMBER OF THE B.C.C.M.A,     British Council For Chinese Martial Arts. .


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