Sifu  Bob  Stannells  is the Founder and  Grandmaster of  the Shaolin Kung-Fu  Gymnasium, Having trained in Northern White Crane  Shaolin Long  Fist Kung-Fu, And Southern  Shaolin  Jow-Gar Tiger,Leopard Fist Kung-Fu, Sifu Bob went on  to train in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Sifu Bob has dedicated 48 years of his Life training and Teaching White Crane Jow-Gar Kung-Fu, and is the Jow-Gar Family,s UK Representative, under sifu Leung Kai Chi, Son of Grandmaster Leung Siu Fan.....

 Shaolin Gym Kung-Fu offers a  Traditional  Approach  with  a Modern  outlook  on todays  needs  in  the  way  of  fitness  requirements  and  learning  a  practical martial  art, that  has  been  tried  and  tested.

 Our  Training Facilites  include  using  focus  Punch  pads, Kick  shields, and  Weapons that  students  progress  onto, in  a  traditional  and  practical  way.

 Students  work  with  partners  to  learn  how  to  apply  the  techniques  if  a situation Which May  occur  in  an  everyday  enviroment. This  is  the  time  that you know, That  you  will  be  mentally  and  physically  prepared.

 Kung-Fu strengthens the  Mind ,Body and  Spirit, That  one  may  not  experience  down  at  the local  leisure centre, Training in a Small Class of  Dedicated  Students  Encourages New  beginners  to work  Harder in Achieving greater  Overal  Fitness and  Confidence.

It is said that the Five Original Animal styles to evolve from the Shaolin Temple were, Dragon, Tiger,Leopard, Crane and Snake.


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