Sifu  Bob  Stannells  is the Founder and  Grandmaster of  the Shaolin Kung-Fu  Gymnasium, Having trained in Northern White Crane  Shaolin Long  Fist Kung-Fu, And Southern  Shaolin  Jow-Gar Tiger,Leopard Fist Kung-Fu, Sifu Bob went on  to train in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Over the  48 years, Sifu Bob has trained under Nine Kung -Fu Master of  Various Fighting Arts,  that

has formed the Shaolin Gym  as it is  known Today.

The Instructors,  of  white crane jow-gar, are Sifu Kam, Sifu Peter, and Sifu Richard. These Instructors have been  Highly

trained  in a chinese Tradition, In the form of Teaching a Class  using chinese pronounciations ( Cantonese ) for Traditional  forms or fighting sets that helps with Promoting the traditions of  a true  chinese art.. ( Shaolin Gym Kung-Fu. )..

Sifu Bob has dedicated 48 years of his Life training and Teaching White Crane Jow-Gar Kung-Fu, and is the Jow-Gar Family,s UK Representative, under sifu Leung Kai Chi, Son of Grandmaster Leung Siu Fan.....

Northern shaolin white crane kung-fu is based on high kicks, long hand strikes and circular parries to develop flowing chi, the combinations

of the hands and Legs are  constantly Moving to keep  the  attacker guessing where the next attack is coming from....

Flexebility, Coordination, speed, dexterity  and  Lightness are all Trade Marks,  when training in White Crane Kung-Fu,( Buk Hok Kuen.)

Southern Jow-gar Kung-fu is a typical southern system, utilizing  powerful hand strikes and  strong stances, which is genarated from the practice of Jutt-ma,  ( Horse  stance Training.) The si-jo, founder ( Jow Lung had trained in  Hung Gar  Kung-fu And Choy Gar Kung-Fu,

which in effect, had the combination of southern and northern shaolin traits. 

Thus having the Head of Hung And Tail of Choy , So he combined the two  systems together to form the Jow-Gar system which it

has become known  today across the Globe, The five brothers all contributed towards the system which rose from 

the Province  of  Kwantung in China, they became known as, The Five Tigers of Jow-Gar. ( Jow Gar Kuen ).

It is said that the Five Original Animal styles to evolve from the Shaolin Temple were, Dragon, Tiger,Leopard, Crane and Snake.


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